What should I know before renting a tent?
* Be sure that you have a venue that is suitable for a tent. The following points should be considered in regards to your venue.
- Tents need to be secured to the ground. Can stakes be driven into the ground at your venue? If so, you need to ensure that all underground lines (i.e. electrical, gas, sprinklers, cable, etc.) are clearly marked before the tent arrives.
- If driving stakes is not an option, you need to make us aware that weighted ballasts will be necessary.
- Check for overhead obstacles such as trees and power lines.
-A continuous flat surface is neccessary for the tent to sit properly. Hills and uneven ground should not be included in the tent area.
- Tent setup generally takes between 2 to 6 hours depending on the size. Be aware that the setup and takedown process needs to be factored into venue rental times.
- Do you have a power source? Tent Lighting and Heaters will require electric outlets within reasonable distance from the tent. If power is not available, you will need to consider renting one of our ultra-quiet generators.